Patch 1.02
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Patch 1.04
- fixes the bug which caused Fatal Panics in some of the special effects - notably the Lava Monster and one of Led's attacks.
- recompiled the game engine using the most recent version of the compiler. It is supposed to make some of the low level XP incompatibilities go away.
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Patch (Timeslip 2012, Win 7)
- fixes the fact that windowed mode only works if you have a 16 bit desktop
- fixes the fact that movies only work on win 7 if you use win xp compatibility mode.
- extra function to middle click: run and follow the pointer.
- extra function if you rightclick portraits in combat, you can queue up moves.

* the installer tries to convert movies. You need quicktime or quicktime alternative installed.
* If it fails, you have to convert them manually(from quicktime format into something directshow can understand).
* Neko mentioned that Maya's speed sometimes changes to bigger, sometimes to smaller.
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