And here it is - a Septerra Core fan site up-to-date.

Septerra Core is a game that speaks of an ancient legacy, Legacy of the Creator, which would, if unlocked, open a Kingdom of Heaven.
A powerful Chosen, inhabitant of Septerra who strongly believes in his own superiority, named Doskias wishes to fulfill this legacy with force. This will be a disaster for all the other people who live on Septerra.
In the meantime a young woman named Maya, an orphaned junker, finds herself in the middle of the conflict, as it was Doskias who orphaned her and her friends.
What begins as a quest of revenge, unfolds into a plot to save the Legacy of the Creator and Septerra itself from falling into the wrong hands.

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Latest News

Posted on 9.dec.2o11 by Yuni

New Neko finally translated his sequel to English :)
The game is available for download in the cookies section!

Posted on 17.jul.2o11 by Yuni

I found something like a SC gameplay with pictures and texts.
Check it out here.

Posted on 5.mar.2o11 by Yuni

NewNeko finished his Septerra sequel, but it is in Polish :(
He's looking for Polish speaking people who will help with translating to English!
If you want to help, contact me or him directly (you find him on Youtube as NewNeko2000)!

Posted on 5.mar.2o11 by Yuni

Nirvan just told me he's working on a new game, called Utopia.
The game has a similar engine to Septerra's. Here's a clip of the game!

Posted on 24.aug.2o1o by Yuni

We now have a little preview of the fan-sequel!
The clip was translated to english on my request, so we can understand a little, but it's not the finished version yet.
When there will be more, I'll drop a news :)

Posted on 8.apr.2o1o by Yuni

I have uploaded new fan videos (from Davis4200 and NewNeko2000). Check them out under the Cookies section.

Tnx j7n for support and dedication to keep this site running. He provided the first server that hosted us and lots of help on this site's content. :) Here's a complete Thanks to list.

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